Thursday, January 5, 2012

The joys of duct tape!

So I can fully feel my foot now, but as long as I keep icing it and taking my meds I'm great!
But aside from that, a few days ago I bought some of that duct tape that has colors and designs on it. And I became a little bored this afternoon, the end result?
My re-designed boot!

My Doc is gonna get a kick out of this! LOL

So I guess you can call this my first craft posting! Depending on how I feel Sat. I'm going to try to actually get to my crafting table.  I bought a cute little stuffed hippo pattern last week and all her parts are already cut, so I just have to sew. Its going to be my first attempt at a stuffie!

I have done a lot of browsing on Craftster these past two days, looking for new ideas, and I think I want to try glass etching!
I have also seen so many cute knitting projects, but I just can't get the hang of it, any of you knitters have any beginners tips?
Gah! Just so many things I want to do!
But its goodbye for now, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, you defiantly will Saturday!
Crafting Heals!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its Done!

OK so I went under the knife this morning and I haven't actually seen my foot because of the cast/boot thingy but I assume it is fixed!
Its still numb because of the nerve block he did, kinda worried about when that's going to wear off. But I'm currently sitting on my bed with my leg propped up (BTW/ if you ever have this done, get one of those neck pillows like you use on a plane, keeps you from having to actually keep your foot from sliding over).

I'm not sure when I will be able to actually get to my craft table to whip something up, sorry for the delay Crafters.
But there are some good crafting sites if you don't already go to these. My favorites are:
I get really good ideas from them, and I hope you do too! And I also came up with a project while I'm stuck at home! Yay!
 My town is opening a new animal shelter and they have been asking for donations so they could buy food, blankets, beds, toys ect.  And my first thought? I could so make those!!
 I encourage you to do the same if you're an animal lover. Its been proven that animals are more adoptable and calm when they have a nice comfy place to rest instead of a cold floor of a cage.
But that's about all I have for now!
Again thanks for reading!
Crafting Heals!

p.s. Another awesome site!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yay first post!

OK so I haven't had my surgery yet, but its in two days so I figured why not get this started? I'm Allison, a girl who has been crafting since she could put her mechanical skills to use.
And I have to have foot surgery which means I'm not going to be moving very far, very fast so I'm going to be out of work for a while which means I'm going to get to take full advantage of my new sewing/crafting table I got for Christmas from my awesome boyfriend!
So I'm going to try to keep this blog updated as much as possible, if I don't update in a few days feel free to shoot me an email with a virtual kick in the butt!
Thanks for stopping by!
Crafting Heals!