Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Its Done!

OK so I went under the knife this morning and I haven't actually seen my foot because of the cast/boot thingy but I assume it is fixed!
Its still numb because of the nerve block he did, kinda worried about when that's going to wear off. But I'm currently sitting on my bed with my leg propped up (BTW/ if you ever have this done, get one of those neck pillows like you use on a plane, keeps you from having to actually keep your foot from sliding over).

I'm not sure when I will be able to actually get to my craft table to whip something up, sorry for the delay Crafters.
But there are some good crafting sites if you don't already go to these. My favorites are:
I get really good ideas from them, and I hope you do too! And I also came up with a project while I'm stuck at home! Yay!
 My town is opening a new animal shelter and they have been asking for donations so they could buy food, blankets, beds, toys ect.  And my first thought? I could so make those!!
 I encourage you to do the same if you're an animal lover. Its been proven that animals are more adoptable and calm when they have a nice comfy place to rest instead of a cold floor of a cage.
But that's about all I have for now!
Again thanks for reading!
Crafting Heals!

p.s. Another awesome site!

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